Celebrating 20 years of German Exchange visits

The Gryphon School and a school in Germany are celebrating 20 years of exchange visits.  The first exchange took place in 1994 when students from Staatliche Realschule in Bad Kötzting came to Sherborne.  Since then students from the two schools have met up every year.  The link was established because Sherborne and Bad Kötzting, which is in Bavaria, are twin towns and were founding members of the European Town Twinning Douzelage.  Since 1994 over 300 students have taken part.    The students are partnered with those from the other school, attend lessons with them and stay with their families.   Trips are also arranged to sights and special places of interest around the towns of the twin schools.  They also attend special language, regional and cultural studies lessons.

The exchanges are a great success and help in preparing students for an increasingly international and interdependent world.  Over the years firm friendships have been built which continue to this day and the links between the schools are stronger than ever.    A former English participant in the exchange even did an internship at the Realschule Bad Kötzting and the sister of a former German participant came to Sherborne to work as a foreign language assistant at The Gryphon School.

The friendships formed over the 20 years of this partnership have been celebrated at a special reception .   It was  attended by the German students who visited The Gryphon School this year,  the students they are staying with, teachers from both The Gryphon and from Staatliche Realschule, the Mayor of Sherborne and members of Sherborne Douzelage.    The teacher who took the first set of Gryphon students to Germany was also there.

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