Gryphon School student heads for Yale

Gryphon School - Natasha Glendening

A Sixth Form student from The Gryphon School has been selected for a highly competitive place to go to a top American university to learn more about studying in the States.   Natasha Glendening, who is 16 and in Year 12, has been chosen to attend a week-long Summer School at Yale as part of this year’s Sutton Trust US Programme.  Natasha is one of 150 students chosen from over 1,200 eligible applicants.  In the US she will attend lectures, meet admissions staff and visit other American universities including Harvard.  Natasha hopes this amazing opportunity will help her gain a coveted place to attend an American university when she finishes school.

Natasha says she is ecstatic and incredibly excited about being chosen as the competition was fierce.  Studying abroad, she says, has long been her dream and this is an opportunity to take one step closer to it.  ‘Having only lived in Sherborne I really want to travel and experience different cultures and studying in the US seemed perfect.  The US universities are some of the best in the world and I really love their focus on the ‘liberal arts’ which means I will get to choose different classes in different subjects that interest me in the first two years of university, before majoring in one particular subject.’

Natasha attended a finalist residential week at the London School of Economics during the Easter holidays and a spokesman for the Sutton Trust US Programme said ‘We were highly impressed by her suitability and commitment to the programme’.  This is only the second year that the Sutton Trust has run its US programme, delivered in partnership with the US-UK Fulbright Commission.  The programme aims to give bright, state school students a taste of life at an American university and supports them to apply for undergraduate study in America.

Jane Tutton, Director of Sixth Form at The Gryphon School, says ‘We are incredibly proud of Natasha.  She is very determined and has worked hard for this chance which she thoroughly deserves.’

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