Traditional storyteller holds Year 7 students spellbound

Giles Abbott, a storyteller from London, held Year 7 students enthralled when he visited The Gryphon School and entertained them with his tales.

Giles, who is registered blind, started storytelling after losing most of his sight to Multiple Sclerosis.  He was working in a bookshop at the time but the loss of sight meant he was unable to continue.  He found storytelling was for him after being inspired by an evening listening to stories in his local pub.   With this new career he has worked in a children’s hospital in London, given talks at conferences, told stories for both adults and children at festivals throughout the UK and is also  a voice coach.

The Year 7s were totally immersed in the worlds and characters he created and were spellbound by the stories, one a love story with a twist and the other a story about friendship and trust.  The students said they thoroughly enjoyed listening to his tales, which, they said, were hilarious, imaginative and dramatic.

Giles has been in Dorset for a week travelling around schools entertaining children from age 5 – 16.


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