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Why study Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of materials and their behaviour. These materials are from an enormous range – metals, medicines, plastics, dyes, ceramics, fertilizers and fuel to name just a few. Chemists are involved in how and why materials behave the way they do and how we can create or modify materials to better suit our needs. This course introduces you to the fundamentals of Chemistry and is a necessary choice for those interested in careers in Medical, Veterinary and Chemical Sciences, but combines well with many other A Levels.

What will I study?

In the first year, you will study Atomic Structure, Quantitative Chemistry (moles) and the Basics of Organic Chemistry as well as building upon knowledge of the Periodic Table, Rates of Reaction and Energetics.

In the second year, further Organic Chemistry is covered including aspects of biochemistry and chemical analysis. The concepts of Rate, pH and Equilibrium are developed further as well as Transition Elements and Electrochemistry. Practical work is covered across both years and forms a separately reported endorsement in the A Level course.

How will I be assessed?

For AS you will sit two exams (both 1hr 30mins) covering all the aspects of the first year. Exam style varies from multiple choice, short answer and longer answer questions. These exams will also test knowledge gained from practical experience.

For A Level you will sit 3 exams in the summer of Year 13 covering all aspects of the two years.

Paper 1 (2 hrs 15 mins) : Periodic Table, Elements and Physical Chemistry

Paper2 ( 2 hrs 15 mins ): Synthesis and Analytical techniques

Paper 3 ( 1hr 30 mins) : Unified Chemistry and Practical techniques

There will also be a Practical Endorsement of Pass/Fail reported separately.

Entry requirements

An interest in Chemistry!

A GCSE in both Science (core) and Additional Science (extended) preferably at grade B or above, or GCSE Chemistry at preferably grade B or above.

GCSE Maths at grade B or above.

Course expenses

We are encouraging all students to purchase a book, costing approx. £20, to support the course. This can be purchased via the school at cost price in September. At the time of writing book titles and ISBN numbers for this new course are not available.



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