Further Mathematics

Specification Edexcel

Why study Further Mathematics?

Students hoping to follow a university course in mathematics or any mathematically related subject should seriously consider taking Further
Mathematics. Some universities are now making this a requirement for entry on to their mathematics courses. Studying mathematics to a higher level will prove hugely beneficial in any case, even if it is not a requirement. Further Mathematics students are able to experience all the applied branches of mathematics.Further Mathematics A-Level is a qualification for students with a real passion to study Mathematics at a higher level or to support other mathematically heavy courses such as Physics, Engineering or Economics.

Details of the New Further Mathematics A-Level are slowly being released.

To date we know that

· The course must be studied in addition to the Mathematics A-Level.
· The course will be assessed entirely at the end of year 13.
· There will be four exam papers.
· At least one half of the content will be Further Pure mathematics.
· The remaining content will be a choice of Applied Mathematics (Statistics, Mechanics and Decision) and/or the further study of Further Pure Mathematics.
· The content to be studied will not be the same for all exam boards.

The content of the course could include

Further Pure Mathematics
Proof, Complex numbers, Matrices, Further algebra and functions, Further calculus, Further vectors, Polar coordinates, Hyperbolic Functions and Differential equations
Even More Further Pure Mathematics
Further calculus, Further differential equations, Coordinate systems, Further vectors, Further numerical methods, Inequalities
Further Statistics
Linear regression, Statistical distributions (discrete), Statistical distributions (continuous), Correlation, Hypothesis testing, Chi squared tests
Further Mechanics
Momentum and impulse, Collisions, Centres of mass, Work and energy, Elastic strings and springs
3D: Decision Mathematics
Algorithms and graph theory, Algorithms on graphs, Critical path analysis, Linear programming

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