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Why study Geography?

By studying Geography you will broaden your understanding of global hazards, climate change, globalisation, migration, coasts, energy, water supply, biodiversity, superpowers, development gap and technology. Geography answers basic questions related to our life, it helps us determine where we live as well as the best places to enjoy our leisure time. Using sophisticated geographic knowledge and problem solving skills, we can determine appropriate development projects. We realize that the Earth’s resources – while plentiful – are not limitless and that the impact of humans on the environment is far greater than previous generations could imagine. Geography provides us with a broad range of skills e.g. mapping, GIS, analytical, IT, graphical, statistical, diagrammatic, enquiry, written, thinking, debate, listening and problem solving. It is these transferable skills that are attractive to employers. Preparation in geography is an ideal stepping stone to a wide range of careers e.g. management and administration, further education and teaching, financial sector, retail and travel and tourism to name a few. Subjects it links well with are Mathematics, all Sciences, Art, Design and Technology, English, Economics, Business Studies, P.E., Philosophy and Ethics , History and all Languages.

What will I study?

At AS you will study both physical and human geography by considering dynamic landscapes; tectonic processes and hazards and coastal landscapes and dynamic places; globalisation and shaping places, a study of how places are regenerated. Part of the work on coastal landscapes and regenerating places will involve Geographical investigations where fieldwork is essential. At A Level you will study the Water Cycle and Water Insecurity, Energy Security, Global Development and Health, Human Rights and Intervention. There is also a synoptic assessment that draws on one of the units covered. You will also have to complete Independent Investigation using fieldwork data collected during our second compulsory fieldtrip.

How will I be assessed?

You will sit two exams in June, both will be worth 50% for the AS Level. At A Level you will complete a piece of coursework which is worth 20%; based upon an Independent Investigation of a topic from the Units we have covered. You will have three external examinations the first two both worth 30% each and the third 20% of the A Level. This will be an exam comprising two sections and a resource booklet including synoptic resources.

Entry requirements

Grade C or better in English Language and Geography GCSE.

Course expenses

All students attend fieldwork visits during the AS and A Level course. The approximate cost is £140 for each trip. We encourage all students to subscribe to Geography Review, an A Level magazine, at a cost of £12.50 per year.


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