Sports Studies

Why study A-Level Sports Studies?

Never has the study of sport and exercise science been as important as it is today, especially after the success of the London 2012 Olympics. Sport has now become a massive business. There is a demand for sports scientists, experts in biomechanics, sports psychologists and nutritionists. This is a fascinating and absorbing subject, which will set you up to study Sports Sciences, Sports Nutrition, Sports Physiotherapy or Sports Development at University, as well as many others.

What will I study?

Year 12:

In Year 12 students will study three areas for the AS Level qualification. These are taught by three different teachers and combine onto one paper (Theory; 70%). They include;

Paper 1: Factors effecting participation in physical activity and sport

  • Topics
  •   Applied Anatomy and Physiology
  •   Skill Acquisition
  •   Sport and Society

Unit 2 – Practical Assessment – You need to be analysed in 1 sport or activity using the following roles; Performer or Coach and produce a written analysis of that performance. (Practical; 30%)

Year 13

In Year 13 students will further develop their understanding and be assessed on 2 papers based on the following (Theory; 70%);

Paper 1: Factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport


  •   Applied Anatomy and Physiology
  •   Skill Acquisition
  •   Sport and Society

Paper 2: Factors affecting optimal participation in physical activity and sport


  •   Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics
  •   Sports Psychology
  •   Sport and Society and Technology in Sport

Unit 4 – 1 x Practical performance and Written Project – Optimising Practical Performance in a competitive situation and then analysing it to suggest improvements. (Practical and Written Coursework; 30%)

Entry requirements

An enthusiastic interest in the subject and a commitment to conscientious study will bring success. A  C grade in Sports Studies at GCSE or equivalent is expected. Students need to be able to perform at a reasonably high level in a selected sport, or be able to coach a specific sport.

Course expenses

We are encouraging all students to purchase a revision guide, costing approximately £20, to support the course. Occasional day visits to Exeter University, and other courses as they become available will usually cost £5 to £10. We expect all students to attend courses which are part of the specification. There may be financial help available for those in need.


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