This is an exciting, creative and varied course for students who like to work and experiment with Textiles, Art and Design, through a wide variety of techniques and processes.

You will be working in a sketchbook, creating printed and decorative samples, and developing designs and ideas. You will practise printing techniques such as ink image transfer, computer aided design, stencil screen-printing, batik and tie-dye and decorative constructed textiles techniques such as ruffles, pleats, quilting, machine embroidery and chenilling. You will develop design ideas from a theme, explore relevant images, research Textiles print and fashion designers and Textiles Artists, which best suit your interests.

Textiles is an important subject for future careers in Art & Design, Fashion, Costume and Theatre, Media, Fashion, Retail, TV and Film etc.  It also provides ideas and skills for creative leisure.

What you will be studying

Your studies will cover all a wide range of Textiles, allowing a breadth of exploration of Textiles print and decorative fashion making techniques. You will complete three projects; a design and print based project, a fashion and decorative fabric manipulation project, and an externally set assignment, set by the exam board that brings together all of the techniques you have learnt throughout the course.

Drawing forms an important component of this course and you can expect to draw, sketch and paint to support your Textile design work

Final outcomes can be fashion, costume, accessories, interior design or textile artefacts. Students work to produce a creative sketchbook portfolio. You do not have to be good at art work to do this subject but it is an advantage. Use of computers and photography can be used to help generate design work.

This course is for keen, enthusiastic students who have imagination and curiosity to explore textiles, pattern, texture, colour and design.


How you will be assessed


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