Bloodhound Supersonic Car Team inspires Gryphon students

Students at The Gryphon were thrilled to have a visit from the Bloodhound Supersonic Car team last week. The Bloodhound Project is a global engineering adventure, using a 1,000mph World Land Speed Record attempt to inspire the next generation to enjoy, explore and get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Ian Glover from the Bloodhound team first gave a talk to Sixth Form students who are studying Physics and Creative Design, which was hugely informative, students were impressed to hear that when the Bloodhound SSC is running at optimum speed it will cover 1 mile in 3 seconds.  He then met with Year 10 students and set them a challenge of building racing cars using KNEX, with prizes for the best design, the fastest car, and the car that went the furthest.

This is a big year for the Bloodhound team – this autumn they will be heading to South Africa where they will be racing for the first time at the dry lake bed track at Hakskeen Pan in the Kalahari Desert. Following successful 200mph (320km/h) UK runway trials at Cornwall Airport in Newquay in October 2017, the team will be targeting 500mph – a key milestone on the journey to setting a new World Land Speed Record.

Jared, a student in Year 10, said the day was ‘very interesting and has inspired me to go into engineering’, with another student saying it was ‘so amazing and inspiring – a great way to spend an afternoon!’.

The school will be following the team with keen interest, and is proud that ‘The Gryphon School, Sherborne’ name will be displayed on the Bloodhound tail fin when the car heads to South Africa.


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