Focus on: History

As always, there has been a vast span of history covered across Years 7 to 13 this week. Covering everything from Ancient Sparta ( Year 13) to Native Americans (8); the Islamic Empire (7) to the First World War (9); The Fall of the USSR (12) to the rise of Nazi Germany (10); the joy of studying history is the sheer range on offer. Some Year 7 groups are examining the origins of democracy and rebellion by writing articles on the Peasants’ Revolt, while other Year 7’s brought in amazing models of medieval life. These artefacts, from trebuchets to castles, highlighted the technological achievements often ignored by us about the past, as well as allowing the students to get their hands dirty, as all good lessons should.

The primary function of Key Stage 3 history is to offer a smooth chronological development of the rise of modern Britain, but it also gives the opportunities to study the birth of ideas across the world. The hope, and sometimes despair, of the masses is being examined by Year 8’s in the American Revolution but also the colonisation of the New World. The tensions that can manifest between countries, and the dangers of Nationalism are being explored by the Year 9’s as they analyse the causes and triggers of the First World War. While some Year 7’s calculate the debt modern Europe owns to the Islamic Empire of a thousand years ago.

Higher up the school, the focus switches towards exams, as Year 11 face two papers for their PPE2. Though a challenge, it is the practice of preparing answers that will ensure success. For A levels, both Ancient and Modern, courses are being finished and their revision started, as their PPE lurks around the corner. However some Year 12’s are finalising their essays for the Sheffield University essay competition.

As well as essays and models, the collective History huts echo to plays about Charles I; slave diaries read out; the trip to Berlin discussed by Year 10s, and trips to the Chalke Valley History Festival finalised for Year 9’s.

As always, a huge variety and always changing!


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