Focus On: Photography

This week photographers in Year 10 started on their Component 1 coursework, this accounts for 60% of their final GCSE coursework grade. Students have been given a choice of six topics to choice from ranging from elements of landscapes in portraiture to the choice of colour. Students have been researching what question they feel best suits their style of photography and have started to compile image boards and mind maps to accompany this. As always the pace of work is fast and steady with students having to balance both the theoretical elements of the subject with their own creative intentions.

In Year 12 students have also been examining and developing their own specialist areas of study in order to begin their own coursework journey. Students have chosen a wide variety of subjects to examine from street photography to fashion photography through the ages to how hip hop music has influenced modern day imagery and culture. As well as looking at their coursework elements students have also been working to develop their understanding of the fundamentals of photography through the use of pinhole cameras. Over the next few weeks students will make their own pinhole cameras, expose photographic papers and develop their own images in order to help them understand how light works and how modern methods of photography have developed from this.

Both Year 11 and Year 13 photographers have now completed their exams and as such will be having celebration lessons as well as using the gained time to study for other subject areas.

Below are some examples of the work created by our photography students.

Photo by Ella Stapleton

Photo by Eva Lewin

Photo by Joe Mason

Photo by Lucy Robinson

Photo by Mallie Welch

Photo by Sophie Broom


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