Focus On: RE

In the RE department students are busy learning about the world around them and exploring different faiths and traditions. In Year 7 students have been studying Christianity and particularly focussing on how the story of Jesus has been depicted through art. Students have been looking at different religious symbols and working out how they link to the stories and traditions of modern Christians. A couple of classes have moved onto our next topic of ethics and are beginning to unpick tricky moral dilemmas that lead to very interesting debates!

In Year 8 students are currently looking at how faith affects a person’s dress. We are exploring various types of religious dress and considering the reasons why people might chose to wear items of religious clothing and jewellery.

In Year 9 we have been studying the Holocaust. The students are coming towards the end of this topic and have been looking into responses to the Holocaust, ranging from poems written by those closely effected, art produced by modern painters and music. The students will produce their own response to the Holocaust as part of this unit. The quality of work that Year 9 students create in this task is always fantastic and we look forward to seeing what they produce.

Year 10 and 11 are working hard on their GCSE RE course. In Year 10 the current topic is crime and punishment. One group has already started to consider the death penalty as a form of punishment and there have been strong debates as to whether or not it should be used. Whilst our other group are asking questions about why we punish people and what the purpose of punishments should be. Our Year 11’s have their last few lessons before their exam and are squeezing in some final bits of preparation.

Lastly, our Sixth Form Philosophy and Ethics students have been hard at work considering the big questions. Year 12 philosophers have been examining the idea of knowledge and how far we can know something exists. Whilst in ethics we have been considering the fascinating issue of Euthanasia and the many complex concerns surrounding this controversial issue. Year 13 are preparing for their exams and are honing their essay writing technique. We have a number of students planning to continue philosophy at university level and we continue to be amazed by the high level of thinking shown in our A-level students.


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