Focus On: Textiles

This week in Textiles, all of our lower school students have been completing their  fabric products, we have seen some fantastic results despite a rush to get them finished before rotating to new Creative Design modules!

Year 7 have worked really hard on constructing a drawstring bag by using the sewing machine and heat press for the first time and have used a variety of print techniques to decorate it. See the look of pride in the students faces in these photos just before they got to take them home!

Year 8 have been very busy making cushions with a food theme project called Supermarket Stitch! We have seen some very creative results in a range of shapes and sizes inspired by their favourite foods and packaging. Some students have found learning embroidery and applique skills challenging but the finished results have been worth all the effort. The students have been looking forward to taking them home to share with their family.

Year 9 students have been inspired by Pop Art and repeat imagery to design and print their own fabric this term using computer aided design and a sublimation printer and used it to construct a case for their own equipment. They have used a range of tie-dye and printing skills to produce imaginative ideas and creative useable products. They have finished them this week by inserting poppers to fasten it.

Our GCSE students are busy preparing for their practical exam, which is only half a term away now! This week they have been experimenting with fabric and techniques linking their samples to their chosen designers and sketching ideas for their exam where they will have 10 hours to produce a personal response. There is a wide range of interesting products being designed; from dresses to fabric wall installations with themes such as Wearable Art and Negative Spaces.



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