Harry Potter Night

The Gryphon hosted it’s annual Harry Potter night last week, with dozens of students and staff joining in an evening of magical fun!

Students started off the evening by being sorted into Hogwarts houses by the Sorting Hat, before heading off to Potions (Science) where they mixed a potion to test for an obscurus using ground mandrake root and they then used special liquid to reveal hidden messages on pieces of the Marauder’s Map.

In cookery they had fun; making owl cupcakes, cheesy broomsticks and taking part in a taste test challenge to identify the every flavoured biscuits, which included Marmite and Lavender.

The highlight of the evening for many students was the school’s inaugural Quidditch match. Students took part in the energetic sport whilst riding hockey sticks (brooms), avoiding bludgers and trying to score goals whilst also chasing the golden snitch!

The evening ended with a Harry Potter quiz in the school’s Learning Resource Centre, where students tested their knowledge of the books, and the Ravenclaw team were crowned the winners.

Librarian Julie Hoskins who organised the event said “It was another fantastic evening of Harry Potter themed fun, with both students and staff enjoying the activities.  The teachers put together some fantastic activities for our Harry Potter enthusiasts, many of whom have encyclopaedic knowledge of the series!”

Harry Potter Book Night is a worldwide event organised by Bloomsbury, and last week saw more than 13,000 events being held across the world.

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It’s less than a week until our Careers and Degree Apprenticeship Fair! Gryphon students will have the opportunity to meet the employers during the day, but there is also an evening session (4.30-7.00pm) when you are welcome to come back with your parents, and it is also open to the public, so any young people in the area who want to find out more about career options are welcome!

Download the Event Programme now for a full list of which employers are coming, and it also includes some handy tips for how to get the most out of your discussions with companies:

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*Careers & Degree Apprenticeships Fair – Wednesdsay*
As well as some of the region’s top employers, we also have a number of other organisations attending on Wednesday. The Samee Project is a unique and inspirational social enterprise that aims to promote self-employment and freelance working as viable career options to young people in school education.

Chris Wilkinson will be on the stand to talk to students and parents – he was awarded an MBE for his services to the Police. He is also an Animal behaviourist and dog trainer and a Patron of the SAMEE Charity.

Find out more:

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Don’t forget today is our Careers & Degree Apprenticeship Fair, from 4.30-7.00pm. It is open to all students/young people/parents from Dorset and Somerset, so come along and meet over 45 employers and universities to discuss career options!

Sixth Form Open Evening

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Weds 8th November 2017, 5.30-7.30pm

Headteacher's address at 5.30 / 6.15 / 7.00pm