Charlie Higson at Gyphon School

Zombies and Timeriders at The Gryphon School

Last term saw visits to the School by two renowned children’s authors.  The first was from Charlie Higson, author of the Young Bond books and The Enemy series about zombies, (and star of the Fast Show for those old enough to remember it!)  who spoke to Year 9 students.  Then, a week later, Years 7 and 8 had the pleasure of hearing Alex Scarrow, the author of the TimesRiders series, describe how he came to be a writer.  Charlie Higson was interviewed by one of our Year 9 students..…

The Gryphon School warmly welcomed children’s author Charlie Higson to their Conference Centre

Pupils from Year 9 and staff met with and listened to Charlie share his tales of why he became an author.

“Writing is something anyone can do”, he enthused. “All you need is a pen, paper and a good idea of what the story is going to be about.”    Charlie went on to talk about how he started writing and admitted, “I wrote stories to entertain myself. When I was offered to write The Young Bond series, I thought it was an amazing opportunity.” He said that he “enjoyed it and was very lucky”. It gave him a chance to “spend more time at home” with his three sons.   Charlie told us he uses them as “guinea pigs” for his books, especially The Enemy horror series.

There was also a chance for book signing and photos with Charlie.

The opportunity to interview the author gave an insight into this writer of the famous Young Bond books and The Sacrifice, the fourth book in the current horror series, The Enemy.

And there is more…Charlie also shared his thoughts on what books fans can expect in the future, where he is planning two further fast paced zombie-style quests in his latest chain of horror stories and has ideas to write a modern Fantasy Series.

This memorable visit to the Gryphon School gave pupils and staff an inspiring and refreshing understanding of modern literature in the making.

Matthew Vear – Year 9

Alex Scarrow at Gryphon School

AlexScarrow has just finished book No 7 of his series TimeRiders, and told Years 7 and 8 that there will be 9 books in total.  He revealed  he knew how the last book would end when he started writing the series, the first of which was published in 2010.  Alex started his career designing computer games and had to change course when his games didn’t sell.  The books are about time travel and what people could do to change history.  That is why we have the TimeRiders, to prevent time travel destroying the world.

Alex talked about his main characters and  read the first two chapters of the first book in the series to encourage more students to give the series a try. He was enthusiastic and energetic throughout his talk and currently we have none of the TimeRiders books available to borrow in the LRC, even though we have 3 sets of each of the first 7 books!

Julie Hoskins –LRC Manager


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