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The Gryphon prides itself on the range of subject options available to Sixth Form students, giving them the flexibility to study their chosen subjects and follow their career aspirations. With over 750 subject options available, we provide the very best in academic and vocational combinations which we can tailor to meet student requirements.

Our teachers are all fully trained subject specialists and experts with University qualifications, and the passion they bring to their classrooms is unrivalled. You will find here a culture of inquisitive approach, one where we have an exciting and yet supported array of subjects that we believe will suit the competitive nature of today’s world.

A Gryphon student is thoroughly prepared for their future, and our wide and eclectic offer opens doors and opportunities. Our students have extremely high rates of entry into Oxbridge and medicine and our Excellence Programme supports our academic offer to enhance the skills required at University. We have a thriving Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) course in which students have achieved outstanding results, and which encourages our students’ passion for a subject. We encourage the students to explore their own academic reading and factor in specific time to investigate and analyse further reading supported by our fantastic Learning Resource Centre. We believe in a culture of academic and personal success and want to enable our students to achieve this.


The Gryphon School is CLOSED today due to icy conditions on site.