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Gryphon School: Sherborne

6th Form Application for a September 2017 start

Number of courses

Students meeting the standard entry criterion will typically choose 3 A-levels to study throughout Years 12 and 13.

However, students may additionally choose the Level 3 Mathematical Studies course. This course is half the size of an A-level and therefore may be taken by any student as a fourth option.

A small number of students may wish to choose 4 A-levels to study throughout Year 12 and 13. To study 4 instead of 3 courses students would need to obtain 5 or more grades at GCSE at 7, 8, 9, A or A*. Students meeting the qualifying criterion for doing 4 courses above may, of course, only choose 3 A-level courses if that is their wish.


  1. Students who wish to do “Further Maths” should choose both Further Maths 1 and Further Maths 2; such students will achieve both Maths and Further Maths A-level through doing this.
  2. Students should not choose 2 variants of the same thing i.e. Computer Science and ICT Cambridge Level 3 or Sports Studies and BTEC Sport
  3. Students who do not achieve a Level 4 in Maths or either English GCSE are obliged to choose these courses again in the 6th form

Subject combinations

Our traditional approach has been to provide a fixed menu of option blocks from which students make their choices.

However, this year we are asking students to simply tell us which subjects they would like to do at this stage.

This will tell us the extent of the demand for each subject and we will use this to construct the Option Blocks from which students will make their final choices.

The Option Blocks will allow a wide range of choices but inevitably, as in other institutions, not every possible combination will be available.

At a later date students will be able to choose from the final option blocks and consult with staff if their combination of subjects chosen initially is not available.

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Application Form

Before filling out the application form, please take time to read the entry requirements which can be found in the link above. This will ensure that the application process is as smooth as possible.

Please enter all the subjects you have taken and have already received a grade for.

Please enter all subjects which you have not yet taken or are waiting for a grade for.

Please pick ONE option

Please pick ONE option.

Please pick ONE option.

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If you have been unable to select your preferred combination of subjects tell us about it here.

Please provide a bit of further information about yourself by ticking one of the boxes below.

If you ticked one or more please give details...

Please use this space to tell us about your achievements and interests including those outside of school and any career plans that you may already have for the future.