ECT Programme

ECTs at The Gryphon

At Gryphon School, we recognise that the successful appointment and induction of an early career teacher (ECT) strongly contributes to both the development of the school and the ECT. ECTs bring new ideas and fresh approaches to teaching. In turn, the school endeavours to develop and nurture a promising career.

The induction period for ECTs will:

  • Enable ECTs to build upon existing knowledge, skills and understanding from prior training.
  • Assist ECTs in becoming full members of the teaching profession and provide a foundation for CPD.
  • Enable ECTs to meet identified goals and complete their two year induction period to the required standard.
  • Be systematic, fair and rigorous in the assessment of ECTs’ professional practice.
  • Provide support to ECTs failing to make satisfactory progress.

Statutory Induction

The statutory induction of an ECT is the bridge between ITT and a career in teaching. The school will support ECTs in demonstrating that their performance against relevant standards is satisfactory and equip them with the tools to be a successful teacher. The ‘Teachers’ Standards’ will be used to assess an ECT’s performance during their induction period. These standards will be considered against what can reasonably be expected of the ECT within their work context. All judgements will reflect the expectation that the ECT has effectively consolidated their ITT and demonstrated their ability to meet the relevant standards consistently over a sustained period. The ECF will not be used as an assessment tool.


ECTs will be provided with a designated mentor to support them through their induction period, usually a relevant member of the school’s teaching staff. The individual who becomes the ECT’s mentor will be identified by the headteacher. This mentor will hold QTS and have the necessary knowledge, experience and time available to carry out the role effectively.

Induction Tutors

ECTs will also be provided with an induction tutor who will provide regular monitoring and support, and coordination of assessment. The induction tutor will be identified by the headteacher. This individual will hold QTS and will have the necessary skills, knowledge and time available to effectively work in this role. The role of the induction tutor will be held by a separate individual to the individual performing the role of the mentor where at all possible, as outlined above.

Appropriate Body

The appropriate body will make the final decision as to whether an ECT’s performance against the ‘Teachers’ Standards’ has been satisfactory, taking into account the recommendations of the headteacher. The appropriate body will make a decision within 20 working days of receiving the headteacher’s recommendation. They will then send written notification within three working days of reaching the decision to the ECT and the headteacher.

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