Gryphon School: Sherborne


Year 7

At the start of the Year, students are put through a Multi Skills unit of study, to test their ability across the range of fitness components. They are then set into their PE groups for the remainder of the year. During the year pupils will experience a range of games focusing on Developing Skills in activities including Rugby, Netball, Football, Cricket, Rounders and Hockey. These are the six major games in which pupils will have the opportunity to compete against other local schools. Pupils also enjoy developing their skills in Tennis and Basketball. Additional time is given to Rugby for this age group to ensure that safe tackling and contact techniques are learnt correctly from the beginning, encouraging safe and fair play. To complement the games-led curriculum, pupils in Year 7 also undertake Gymnastics, Dance, Fitness and Athletics.

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Year 8

Building upon the foundations of the Year 7 Curriculum, we aim to further develop pupil’s skills and knowledge throughout the Year 8 Curriculum ith the focus on Evaluating and Improving their Skills. Again pupils will follow a games-led curriculum which covers the major six sports of Rugby, Netball, Football, Hockey, Cricket and Rounders. Basketball and Tennis also provide additional exciting games opportunities. The Year 8 Dance programme is currently centred on a Salsa theme. In Gymnastics, pupils begin to look at a form of Sports Acrobatics. This involves great team building skills as pupils work in small groups on balances that demonstrate that all pupils have equal importance.

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Year 9

Aiming to reach Level 5 or beyond by the end of the Key Stage, (as recommended by the Government) pupils broaden their horizons further with new activities in Year 9 such as Volleyball as an alternative to Basketball. In addition to Volleyball, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Football, Rounders and Softball are also played. The focus is Making and Applying Decisions in Sport.

Gymnastics also develops in Year 9 to look at a theme of flight. This is achieved with trampettes that allow pupils to challenge themselves with basic shapes of Tuck, Pike and Straddle through to more complex Neck Spring vaults. This compliments the Trampolining opportunities that are available through lunchtime clubs along with all other major activities. The Personal Fitness programme in Year 9 gives pupils the opportunity to design their own 6 weeks training programme using the recently refurbished Fitness Suite at the on site Gryphon Leisure Centre.

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Intra School Sport

Beyond the interschool fixtures we also employ a House System (for sports only) that allows four balanced teams to compete fairly in a range of sports each year. These games take place at the end of each term for Key Stage 3 and are a major talking point for pupils all year round!

KS 4

At KS4, students have up to 2 hours of core PE a week, where they will be focussing on:

– Developing their health and fitness and applying tactics and strategies to games

In Year 10 students take part in a wide range of activities such as Badminton, Basketball, Aerobics, Boxercise, Softball as well as the more traditional games activities such as Rugby, Football, Cricket, Netball, Hockey and Rounders.

In Year 11, students opt into activities to take part in for a halfterm. Options could be Dance Mats, Football, Country Walking, Fitness Suite, Zumba, Danish Longball or many more.

At this stage the focus is on participation for enjoyment and health and fitness benefits in order to increase the likelihood of lifelong participation in sport.

In addition to their core PE lessons, students can choose to take BTEC Sport as a GCSE option.

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BTEC Sport

Exam Board: Edexcel

Specification: BTEC First in Sport

Unit 1: Fitness in Sport and Exercise (Externally assessed by an online exam)

Unit 2: Practical Performance

Unit 5: Training for personal fitness

Unit 6: Leading Sports activities

Students will be assessed by coursework (75%) in the form of computer written assignments.  The other 25% is made up of an external assessment in the form of an on screen test of 50 questions lasting 1 hour about a vocational sporting scenario.


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