Further Mathematics

Specification: Edexcel

Why study Further Mathematics?

Students hoping to follow a university course in mathematics or any mathematically related subject should seriously consider taking Further Mathematics. Some universities are now making this a requirement for entry on to their mathematics courses. Studying mathematics to a higher level will prove hugely beneficial in any case, even if it is not a requirement. Further Mathematics students are able to experience all the applied branches of mathematics. Further Mathematics A-Level is a qualification for students with a real passion to study Mathematics at a higher level or to support other mathematically heavy courses such as Physics, Engineering or Economics.

Details of the New Further Mathematics A-Level are slowly being released.

To date we know that:

  • The course must be studied in addition to the Mathematics A-Level.
  • The course will be assessed entirely at the end of year 13.
  • There will be four exam papers.
  • At least one half of the content will be Further Pure mathematics.
  • The remaining content will be a choice of Applied Mathematics (Statistics, Mechanics and Decision) and/or the further study of Further Pure Mathematics.
  • The content to be studied will not be the same for all exam boards.

The content of the course could include:

  • Further Pure Mathematics
  • Proof, Complex numbers, Matrices, Further algebra and functions, Further calculus, Further vectors, Polar coordinates, Hyperbolic Functions and Differential equations
  • Even More Further Pure Mathematics
  • Further calculus, Further differential equations, Coordinate systems, Further vectors, Further numerical methods, Inequalities
  • Further Statistics
  • Linear regression, Statistical distributions (discrete), Statistical distributions (continuous), Correlation, Hypothesis testing, Chi squared tests
  • Further Mechanics
  • Momentum and impulse, Collisions, Centres of mass, Work and energy, Elastic strings and springs
  • 3D: Decision Mathematics
  • Algorithms and graph theory, Algorithms on graphs, Critical path analysis, Linear programming


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