The Gryphon School - Mathematics

Mathematics A-Level is a qualification for students who wish to study Mathematics to a higher level or to support other mathematically heavy courses such as Physics, Engineering or Economics. It is of great use to students who study the social sciences. It is a qualification valued highly by employers.

Details of the New Mathematics A-Level are slowly being released.

To date we know that:

  • The course will be assessed entirely at the end of year 13.
  • There will be three exam papers.
  • Two thirds of the content will be pure mathematics.
  • One third of the content will be Applied Mathematics (Statistics AND Mechanics)
  • The content to be studied is exactly the same across all exam boards, each choose how to organise this into their final examinations.

The content of the course is:

  • Pure Mathematics
    • Proof
    • Algebra and functions
    • Coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane
    • Sequences and series
    • Trigonometry
    • Exponentials and logarithms
    • Differentiation
    • Integration
    • Vectors
    • Numerical methods
  • Statistics
    • Statistical sampling
    • Data presentation and interpretation
    • Probability
    • Statistical distributions
    • Statistical hypothesis testing
  • Mechanics
    • Quantities and units in mechanics
    • Kinematics
    • Forces and Newton’s laws
    • Moments

Entry to the Mathematics A-Level will be Grade 7


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