OCR (MEI) Core Mathematics Level 3 Certificate

Core Mathematics is a NEW level 3 qualification for students who wish to undertake the further study of mathematics but who do not want to follow the A Level mathematics course.

Details of the CORE Mathematics Level 3 certificate are slowly released by all of the examination boards. OCR (MEI) have written the course with the express aim of supporting students who study the social sciences, physical sciences and business studies as well as those students who wish to know more about the mathematics commonly used in real life.

The Gryphon School will offer the OCR (MEI) Core Mathematics Qualification.

  • At present, the plan is for the course to be assessed entirely at the end of year 13.
  • The qualification will count as an equivalent to an AS Level in UCAS points.

There will be two exam papers each contributing 50% to the whole assessment; “Introduction to Quantative Reasoning” and “Statistical Problem Solving”

The content covered in the course is Modelling, Statistics, Finance, Working with exponentials, Working with graphs and gradients, Geometry and measures, Risk, Estimation, Problem solving, Communicating solutions, and Use of Technology.

Further information can be found on the Core Mathematics Website core-maths.org

To discuss this course further please contact Anthony Shaw


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