Art – 3D Design

Reasons for studying 3D Design

This 3D Design course is a continuation of the Creative Design course studied during Year 9 and involves developing a sketchbook of ideas including rigorous drawing, researching the work of designers to inform your ideas, experimentation with various materials, prototyping and evaluating as you progress, leading to constructing a model of your final design.

We need to explain that this course is NOT a traditional woodwork or metalwork GCSE – students will not be constructing full size tables, chairs or welding pieces of a motorcycle together. The focus of this course is on training students to be designers.


What will I be studying?

This course consists of coursework projects and an externally set examination task and you will follow the same format throughout the course in completing the work required to fulfil these elements. For example you may design a new piece of architecture and so mind map ideas, research famous designers and create inspirational mood boards, you will sketch lots of design ideas and develop rapid prototypes using card, blue foam, clay and balsa wood, evaluate your work and make changes to your prototypes until you end up with a final scale model of your intended design. Drawing forms a crucial component of this course and you can expect to do lots of it. You will also use Photoshop and CAD software.


How will I learn?

You will work upon two projects during the first two terms of Year 10, rapidly developing your skillset, completing a quality sketchbook of ideas and investigation (all underpinned with rigorous drawing), exploring materials and techniques/ processes, building model prototypes and creating finished scale models. In term three, you will begin your major sustained project which runs until December of Year 11 and leads to a 10hr mock examination, when you will create your final piece for this project. This completes your coursework and you will then begin your Exam Board set external task.


How will I be assessed?

The GCSE has 60% of marks for coursework done and 40% for the 10 hour final exam.  Your ‘coursework will include your sketchbook, your prototypes and completed scale models. You will need to show rigorous development of ideas, investigation into famous designers, lots of drawing in traditional and digital media, prototyping using a range of materials and refined finished scale models.

The ‘externally set assignment’ is a 3D design topic set by the Exam Board which you begin in January of Year 11 and following a three month preparation period you have a 10hr examination supervised by invigilators. This task follows the same format of working as the previous coursework projects and students will be well versed in procedures by this stage.


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