Drama and Theatre Studies


Specification: Eduqas

Why study Drama?

The course develops practical, creative, cognitive and communication skills in almost equal measure. You will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about all aspects of theatre both as a performer and in a production role by studying current theatre practice, theoretical approaches, texts, playwrights and live productions. A Level Drama and Theatre complements a range of subjects and is useful in building confidence and team cooperation as well as improving presentation skills. A qualification in Drama and Theatre would be particularly useful if pursuing a career in teaching, public services, social services, law, the media or indeed any career which involves communication and working with the public.

Course Information

Component 1: ‘Theatre Workshop’. In this unit learners are required to create a piece of theatre based on an extract from a text using the techniques and working methods of either an influential theatre practitioner or a recognised theatre company.

20% of the qualification: internally assessed and externally moderated by Eduqas.

Component 2: ‘Text in Action’. In this unit learners are required to engage with a stimulus to create two pieces of live theatre: one devised piece using the working methods and techniques of either an influential theatre practitioner or a recognised theatre company and one extract from a text in a different style to the devised piece.

40% of the qualification: externally assessed by a visiting examiner.

Component 3: ‘Text in Performance’. In this unit learners are given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills in interpreting three contrasting texts for performance in a written examination.

40% of the qualification: 2 hours and 30 minutes written examination.


Entry Requirements

An interest in Drama and Theatre is essential. A Grade C/4 or higher in Drama GCSE is desirable.

Course expenses

There will be a number of theatre visits throughout the course. These visits are part of the course and will be the material on which critical appreciation responses are based for the written coursework in Component 2 and the written exam in Component 3. The price per visit will range, according to venue, from £12 to £35 and it is expected that there will be at least four visits throughout the two years.


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