Specification: Edexcel

Why study History?

History is a well-respected subject that is very much in demand by employers seeking evidence that you can think about issues, judge the value of evidence and come to reasoned conclusions. The aim of this course is to develop these skills by studying some of the key events in the History of the last 200 years. We hope to enthuse you by looking at key revolutions in political, social and economic developments, as well as some of the more bizarre happenings that make History such a stimulating and enjoyable subject.

What will I study?

A Level students take all four papers.

Paper 1 – From Lenin to Yeltsin: the Soviet Union, 1917-91. This unit looks at the establishment of the first Communist state, its transformation under Stalin into a modern industrial power based on brutality and terror and aspects of its social and economic development under Khrushchev and Brezhnev. The reasons for the collapse of communism in 1991 are also explored.

Paper 2 – The German Democratic Republic 1949-90: This unit looks at the establishment of communist rule in East Germany and the lives of its people who were literally walled in. Topics include the building of the Berlin Wall, the role of sport in forming a national identity, the changing status of women and the use of propaganda and the arts. The key events of 1989 when the Berlin Wall “fell” and East Germany collapsed will be covered.

Paper 3 – The Experience of Warfare in Britain, 1790-1929: Napoleonic Wars, Crimea, Boer and the First World War. This unit looks at how the four wars have brought about social and economic change in Britain, as well as the changing technology of warfare.

Paper 4 – A historical investigation. This is a coursework unit based on an evaluation of different interpretations of the history of the USA from 1918 to 1975. Topics include the reasons for Prohibition and its impact, the “Roaring Twenties”, Roosevelt’s New Deal, the position of Black Americans and opposition to the Vietnam War.

How will I be assessed?

Papers 1, 2 and 3 are assessed by exams which include essay questions and source analysis. Paper 4 is assessed through the completion of coursework tasks.

Entry requirements

Grade C or better in English Language and History GCSE.

Course expenses

There are no additional costs. A History trip is organised for the Easter holiday but is not compulsory.

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It’s less than a week until our Careers and Degree Apprenticeship Fair! Gryphon students will have the opportunity to meet the employers during the day, but there is also an evening session (4.30-7.00pm) when you are welcome to come back with your parents, and it is also open to the public, so any young people in the area who want to find out more about career options are welcome!

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*Careers & Degree Apprenticeships Fair – Wednesdsay*
As well as some of the region’s top employers, we also have a number of other organisations attending on Wednesday. The Samee Project is a unique and inspirational social enterprise that aims to promote self-employment and freelance working as viable career options to young people in school education.

Chris Wilkinson will be on the stand to talk to students and parents – he was awarded an MBE for his services to the Police. He is also an Animal behaviourist and dog trainer and a Patron of the SAMEE Charity.

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Don’t forget today is our Careers & Degree Apprenticeship Fair, from 4.30-7.00pm. It is open to all students/young people/parents from Dorset and Somerset, so come along and meet over 45 employers and universities to discuss career options!

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